The Corfiot cuisine, despite the fact that it has been very much inspired from the gastronomic habits of the Venetians, has also drawn its characteristics mainly from the agricultural life of the island developing over time.

At present, many Corfiots have the sweet recollection of the traditional Sunday lunch, when all the members of the family were gathered together to enjoy a meal which was basically consisted of meat, as meat was considered to be the special treat of the day. On every other day of the week, lunch was plain. What they mainly used to eat was vegetables, potatoes, eggs, fish and soup. Only the wealthy families living at the rich suburbs of the island had the privilege of consuming regularly high protein meals, consisting of meat, cold cuts and cheese along with other local products, such as olive oil and wine that were stored in their cellars. The traditional Corfiot recipes that survived throughout time, tell us, today, the story of the city and country life; the story of the rich and the poor.

Honoring the traditional Greek cooking, Liston Gastroteque has prepared a menu that represents in the most authentic way, the Corfiotrecipes. Its aim is to offer the visitors of the island, the great pleasure of unique traditional flavours and, the Corfiots, the enjoyment of having a meal full of the familiar taste they have always loved!

Citrus fruit salad

It might sound strange, but yes, this is a salad made of oranges! Simple and fresh, dressed with the best quality olive oil, it is a delicious mixture of oranges, paprika, rocket and parmesan. It is piquant, fresh, tasty and just different from all other salads! Perfectly accompanied with fresh baked bread.


This is a sauce with which, in old times, Corfiots used to dress the fried fish in order to preserve it as refrigerators had not yet been in use. Savoro is made of olive oil, vinegar, rosemary, flour, garlic, raisins and herbs and it is very piquant.  Vinegar, as natural preservative, keeps  the sauce fresh  and  rosemary gives to it disinfectant properties. At Liston Gastroteque, savoro sauce, keeping all its authentic flavour, is served with tuna fish.


The Italian word bianco means white. Bianco is fish cooked and served in white sauce. The popular choice of fish for this recipe is cod. But other kinds of fatty fish can be used, as well, creating this wonderful dish.

Basic ingredients in bianco are the potatos, lemon, garlic and pepper which make the sauce thick, intense and delicate. Dip plenty of fresh baked bread in the sauce and get the full taste!

Her majesty ‘’Pastitsada”

Pastitsada is not just an ordinary red sauce. It is the world famous veil or rooster sauce cooked with plenty of spices, olive oil, vinegar, wine, tomato and paprika that give this wonderful Corfiot recipe intense colour, full body and unique taste! Always accompanied with pasta. At Liston Gastroteque, pastitsada is served with lasagna dipped in its thick and irresistible sauce.

Liston Gastroteque and Corfu

The café –restaurant Liston, recently revived at the historic Liston area, is created from all the elements that compose the Corfu town. But above all, it is the Corfiot menu that holds the leading role representing in the most authentic way the flavours and colours of the traditional Corfiot cooking!