The Idea
We are located at the heart of a cultural triangle. When glancing at the East, the spectacular view of the Venetian fortress is the first to catch the eye while taking a look towards the North-West, the impressive English Palace immediately draws the attention.
We are very much inspired from the culture of nations that have stayed in our land for a shorter or longer period of time, strongly affecting us in many aspects of life; in our sociality, musical culture and our eating and drinking habits. Our favorite places, one of which is the Liston complex and its infamous throughout the centuries cafés, have also been influenced by the various cultures that passed by, transmitting to the island their identity.
We are one of those places. We are the historic café-restaurant Liston that since the end of the 19th century remains a place of gathering, chatting, eating and drinking. It is a favorable place for friends to hang out, the best choice for romantic encounters and a place where everybody can taste and enjoy excellent coffee, food and drinks.
Our menu, the cozy atmosphere and the excellent service express the character of the town. It is a character strongly influenced by the European cultures of old times; the Venetian, French and English culture. From the Venetians we inherited the temperament and habits such as the love for the theatre, the Carnival and the amusement. From the French and English, we inherited the elegance. The French conquerors were the creators of the beautiful tree- planted square we call ‘’Spianada’’ located opposite the Liston complex and so,both the square and Liston with their unique architectural style exude French refinement and spirit. Today, the Liston café-restaurant combines the inheritance of 2.800 years with the cultural influence of the Europeans.
The historic café-restaurant Liston is again alive, combining its great inheritance with the new age. Our goal is to resist time and be always present at the heart of the town, at the heart of the emblematic complex Liston from which our café-restaurant takes its name. The coffee in our place is made by experts and our exquisite ‘’cuisine’’ follows the tips of the European gastronomy along with a contemporary flavor. The cocktails we serve is a mix of culture and smells, the wines satisfy every taste, the deserts are delicious and the large variety of tea is alluring. All are aiming to achieve your satisfaction.
We take a step forward to the new age, being blessed with a great cultural inheritance which we honor and share with thousands of people that visit us every year. We are proud of having become the landmark of Corfu town and we do our best to maintain this privilege, both in the present and the future.

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