Liston Gastrotheque
Since the end of 19th century, Liston offered the local society and visitors memorable moments of pleasure. Initially, it used to be a pub and one of the first Corfiot beers was actually produced there. Liston Gastrotheque, throughout its existence, served asa café-restaurant and patisserie.
Since 1994, Liston, as Liston- café, belonged to the Katechis and Orfanos families. Both families, all experts in the field of catering, provided people with quality service and warm hospitality for over three decades. In 2020, the historical café-restaurant is being revived, gets the name ‘’Liston Gastrotheque” and by making a good use of the emblematic space, the historical time and the new gastronomic and cultural developments, it creates an urban, friendly an innovative “place to be” for all Corfiots and visitors.
On the 22nd of October, 1807 a declaration gets published in which the French Government formulates its intention to construct a new block of buildings in Corfu town. During that time, Corfu was under the French rule.
The construction of the block of buildings was entrusted to the experienced Corfiot engineer, Ioannis Parmizan. The idea and architectural design belonged to the French commander Berthierand it was a design resembling the buildings, similar in form, that had been constructed at Rue de Rivoli in Paris.
However, both the engineer Parmizan and the Corfiotcontributors to the project, who were mainly affected by the local Corfiot architecture, finally built Liston, being greatly inspired from the Baroc and Mannerism era of the 17th and 18th century.
The very interesting in style architectural creation immediately captured the interest and appreciation of the wealthy Corfiot families that rapidly invested in the purchase of apartments in which they lived or rentedthem out. The Liston block of buildings soon became the landmark of Corfu reminding allCorfiots and visitors that Corfu was indeed a European city! At the same time, Liston was considered being a beneficial place to live as it was autonomic and separate from the bad hygiene conditions of that period.
The big and beautiful square ‘’Spianada’’ with its spectacular view of the three splendid points – Liston, the Venetian Fortress and the English Palace –generously offered pleasure and relaxation.Liston, soon joined the social life of Corfu providing housing torestaurants, cafés and hotels. Liston was the place where the ladies of Aristocracy would wear their best clothing following the couture and fashion requirements of the time and Liston was the place where the bourgeois enjoyed gathering. And still to this day, Liston is the place where we meet, relax and enjoysome beautiful moments of our lives.
Today, Liston – a name that was permanently given to the place a century after its construction- remains the landmark of social life representing in the most authentic way the cosmopolitan side of Corfu.

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