About Us
Liston Gastrotheque is a café-restaurant that offers its service to locals and visitors all day long.
The menu offers dishes, snacks, beverages and spirits all inspired from the Italian, French and British culture.
Liston Gastrotheque stands opposite the commanding Venetian Fortress and next to the impressive British Palace and it is located in the emblematic French block called Liston. The place, the time and the gastronomic and culturaldevelopments are the elements that perfectly compose the café-restaurant’s character. An historical café-restaurant is now being revived!

Various classical recipes combined with a contemporary twist, all inspired by the Italian, French and English cuisine.


The classical recipes of the European bars mixed with local ingredients create various and unique cosmopolitan cocktails.


On a daily basis, we prepare specialty coffees of the most well-known brands so that we succeed serving coffee in its best version.

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