The Corfiot breakfast is the ultimate nutritious, rich and delicious way to start the day! Consisting, exclusively of local products, it is definitely the right choice for all fitness and gourmet followers.


The famous Greek yogurt, mostly characterized by its sour, rich and delicious taste, is a fermentation product consisting of raw milk and lactic acid bacteria, a combination that makes it truly beneficial for the human health. Yogurt strengthens the immune system and bones, facilitates digestion, protects the intestinal flora and, at the same time, is ideal for those who want to keep fit as it contains very little calories.


The world famous Greek honey came into existence in the early years of the Mediterranean culture. Honey production hives were discovered in Minoan Crete in 3.400 B.C. The ancient Greeks had attributed honey with divine properties and considered it to be the food of the Greek gods. Also, honey is thought as the first sweet substance in the human diet and as the humanity by nature has the tendency to seek out sweetness in taste, it is no wonder why honey has been greatly loved!

Honey, apart from its remarkable sweetness, has a great nutritious and biological value. Hence, it is logically considered as the nature’s endowment to humanity.

The production of honey began in ancient Greece and since the 15th century it has been systematically exercised. Greece produces eight basic types based on the honey’s plant and geographic origin. In recent years, the Corfiot honey is being intensively produced, having captured the heart of the locals and the visitors of the island.


This natural superfood, being loved by people of all ages, is perhaps the richest source of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and protein, a   combination that has a great impact on the immune system and the development of the fetus during pregnancy. It also restores muscle tissue and reduces the loss of it. It is filling and not at all fattening. It can be cooked in various ways and of course, it plays a very important role in all the cuisines of the world being used as the basic ingredient of most culinary creations.

All of it, at Liston Gastrotheque!

At Liston Gastroteque we prepare an original Corfiot breakfast that consists of yogurt, honey and eggs and we enrich it with Corfiotgraviera (gruyere), noumboulo (pork cold cut) and sykomaida (spicy dried figs with anise) which are particularly unique and tasty local products. This mixture makes a great gourmet combination when served and consumed altogether. And finally, the addition of mandola (Corfiotcandied almond) helps achieve perfection. The taste is superb!

Yogurt is served with honey or koumquat, a Corfiot citrus fruit of which the Corfiotsmake fine marmalade, sweets and liqueur. Although the rich and velvety acid of yogurt, initially is diametrically opposed to the sweetness of honey, at the end, it successfully combines with it to create a very pleasant mixture in texture and taste.

The eggs are served strapatsada. This is a Corfiot dish that consists of scrubbled eggs cooked with tomato and feta cheese. Stapatsada is named by the Italian word ”strapazzare” which means cut in small pieces – mishandle. Strapatsada is perfect when spread on toasted fresh baked local bread.

At Liston Gastrotheque yogurt, honey, koumquat and strapatsada are perfectly accompanied with greatly aromatic coffee that we carefully choose, bake and serve in any way the customer likes.

It is true that the enjoyment of all meals depends on two main factors; taste and environment. Having breakfast at Liston Gastroteque, apart from the good taste, one can definitely enjoy at the same time, the simplicity and the luxury of Spianada square, a beautiful square which is surrounded by the monuments of three different cultures: The Venetian Fortress, the English Palace and the French Liston. Spianada is perhaps one of the most likeable places in Corfu having always been the center of interest and gathering of locals and visitors. A place that reflects the long standing cosmopolitan character of the city. This full of nature square, whose sound, in summer, is the incessant singing of the cicadas, and in winter, the heavy drops of rain, has always been welcoming on its pavement the quick steps of people and the long passing of history.