The ideal place to enjoy a coffee in Corfu Town

Liston Cafe in Corfu…An iconic place where the locals and mostly every visitor in Corfu Town like to enjoy a coffee or more! Liston Cafe is more than a cafeteria!
The symbolic building was originally designed under request of French Imperator Napoleon II, so it reflects the “Rue de Rivoli” in Paris, France.

Hence, the cafe has taken it’s name from the historical building, named Liston which in the venetian dialect (listone, lista, lizza) means “a specific area in front of an ambassador’s house, usually paved with white stones”.

The clear blue sky and the amazing view of the Old Fortress alongside the green area of Esplanade square makes it the perfect place to enjoy a walk or sit at the aisle of Liston Cafe Restaurant and taste a traditional dish accompanied with a glass of wine or enjoy an ouzo and meze.

Of course coffee or tea is of duty, besides you can find any beverage hot or cold of your pleasure and whether is a long session of relaxation or a steady espresso that will unload you from everyday’s life stress Liston Cafe Restaurant offers different areas of lounge such as the upper floor in a romantic atmosphere and soft music or the couloir bar is at your disposal to cheers a drink in a a modern baroque designed atmosphere, ensuring that by your walkout you will be overwhelmed by a beautiful and sweet feeling of satisfaction!

The Liston Cafe Restaurant and its highly trained staff, which consists of professional baristas and educated waiter will welcome you from early in the morning until late in the afternoon.