The Story behind Liston Cafe


It’s been over two centuries since the French built the Liston promenade and the legacy left behind is very important for Corfu Town. Many people claim that Liston was named after the Venetian word “lista” which means a “wide and straight road for strolling” .

Liston in Corfu means more than a “wide road”, prior to 1864, where the locals used to hold their nobility titles, only the aristocrats where allowed to stroll in the area of Liston and enjoy a coffee or a drink. There was a List or a book at the beginning of Liston (Libro D’oro), containing the names of the families who had the permission to use the area for recreation and for cultural reunions.

Main point of connection, within Esplanade and the former Imperial Palace, Liston was designed and built during the French domination (1807-1814), following to the French architectural evolution of the time. Moreover it combines the Venetian lanterns that existed on the island since the Venetian occupation and the British interventions in an uniquely beautiful setting that bridges three different cultures and creates an ideal spot in the centre of Corfu town to nowadays for enjoy pleasant moments or relaxing with a coffee, tea or wine.

Almost every day is a different one for the guests of Liston, especially during the Orthodox Easter (Πάσχα), the procession of the Epitaph and the first resurrection enchants the visitors, but also during summer, a series of happenings and events keeps alive the interest of the people for Liston combining the historical, cultural tradition with modern life in a sensible incredible way!

Corfu town welcomes everyday thousands of visitors not excepting the locals and the truth is that for all this centuries all the sites and the picturesque spots of Corfu have been changeless by the pass of time.