Liston: The place to be in Corfu Town

Corfu Town holds the Spianada square as a main point of reference of the island and Liston esplanade is considered as an ideal landscape for discovering little streets in the narrow. Each reveals the architectural perspective of the French and Venetians characteristic structures that shapes until today a scenery that has not be faded from the passage of the time and emphasizes in Corfu’s multicultural character.

Of course Spianada or Esplanade can’t be avoided from visitors program, but even from locals, as it is the main point of juncture of the island from North to South and also is notable to mention that Spianda is known to be the third largest square in Europe and the largest in the Balkans.

Adjacent to the Liston and no more than 200 meters away, you will find one more cultural pearl, Saint’Spyridon church. Saint’Spyridon is the patron Saint of Corfu island therefor a very important religious figure in the daily life of the locals and for the history of Corfu Town itself, as Saint’ Spyridon is recognised to have saved more than once the island of Corfu from measure catastrophes.

This beautiful cathedral built in 1589 is the most famous church of Corfu, the atmosphere of truly pure devotion in the holy place additionally with the unique collection of iconographic art treasures creates the visitors a peerless unique feeling. Nowadays this holy place is accessible for pilgrimage and houses the shelter of St. Spyridon.

More, adjoin to Liston park and opposite to Liston Cafe Restaurant, you’ll see the massive Old Fortress of Corfu.
Builded in 1545, early 15th century and emerged in Byzantines times, the Fortress of Corfu has been used to fortify the town of Corfu. During the Venetian domination it has been converted to the basic defensive walls line of the island. The most beautiful part of the Old Fortress undoubtedly is on the top of it, which might be a challenge to climb, but once arrived there you can feel completely rewarded by the indescribably astonishing view! Today it houses the Historical Archives of Corfu, the Public Library and the Byzantine Collection of Corfu and really worths to visit as those sites have been inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage.

Also at the heel of the Liston square overlies the Asian Art Museum of Corfu and the Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu Town which everybody can visit in order to get to know the museum and meet the Asian culture that exhibits from all over Asia, in addition you’ll have the possibility to visit the gallery that houses unique works of prestigious Corfiot artists and painters in a magical journey of art and culture of the island.

It is also worth to mention that in Spianada square and surrounding area, various cultural events take place quite often, such as music concerts, art exhibitions, book exhibitions and more.