The story of Liston Cafe Restaurant

Liston Cafe Restaurant holds a tradition that very few places perhaps in the whole world hold. It’s almost two centuries since it first opened it’s doors to the public as a pub where the very first Corfiot Beer was ever brewed. With 2 centuries of history and the symbolic looks of Rue de Rivoli, Liston continues the tradition until today of still being one of the most iconic places in Corfu island.

Liston obviously over the years had various uses such as patisserie, cafe or restaurant although always keeping the character of the luxurious dining room in probably the most picturesque spot of Corfu town. The only period which Liston was converted into a hospice was during the years of WWII which was given to the needs of the army.

Liston Cafe Restaurant

We are waiting for you at Liston Cafe Restaurant for a unique wine tasting experience, a dinner or lunch, or just to enjoy your coffee just as did the privilege owners of a few centuries ago!

Liston Cafe Restaurant nowadays


The current owners is a Corfiot family who since 1994 and for over two decades have the pleasure to gather hundreds of people daily, greeting tourists and locals in one of the most beautiful spots on Corfu island.
With their experience in dining, held by the family from previous activities and dealing with the specialty since 1982, they managed to create a warm space offered to enjoy everything that anybody may be needed during the whole day.

Liston Cafe Restaurant is available and open all day long from early hours in the morning until late hours and of course always has active presence in cultural events taking place in the area.

Nowadays, Liston Cafe Restaurant is practically divided into two parts of space where visitors may enjoy a cup of coffee or a pleasant meal without affecting each one another. The specially configured restaurant hall is visualised to embrace you, make you comfortable and enjoy the creations of Liston’s Chef whom combines dishes of all traditional taste with all modern culinary aspects of todays fine dinning, while a full range of interesting parcels of wine and fully updated list is available to combine with your meals or either to enjoy as a refreshment served with an additional meze.
Either you may would like to just enjoy Liston’s pleasingly served coffee on it cozy upper space floor lounge or even better, weather permitted, on it outside space under the regal Napoleonic Arches of the Liston promenade.